High velocity hot oil flushing

Our high velocity hot oil flushing service removes contaminants from your hydraulic and lube oil systems until it meets or exceeds the required cleanliness specification.

Bowen Fluid Engineering have a wealth of experience in the flushing of some of the most advanced hydraulic systems. We have also flushed a large quantity of lube oil systems for turbines and gearboxes using in-house procedures which have been developed over many years by our highly experienced engineers.

At least 75% of all hydraulic systems fail due to contaminated or aging oil. This proves just how vital hydraulic and lube oil system flushing is in prolonging the life of expensive and key equipment. It also saves money long term by decreasing system maintenance and downtime.

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is carried out to remove any build up of contaminants such as sludge, metal deposits, scale and oxides from pipework and vessels.

By removing these contaminants your systems efficiency, heat transfer capabilities and flow rates will all be increased.

If chemical cleaning is not carried out you run the risk of potentially “plugging” pipework which will lead to a complete failure of the unit.

Bowen Fluid Engineering utilise environmentally friendly chemicals in all of our procedures. We provide all types of industrial chemical cleaning processes including degreasing, acid cleaning and passivation which negates the use of water jetting.

Fluid analysis

Bowen Fluid Engineering can provide you with a same day, full and detailed oil sampling analysis. This analysis can be given as an ISO code, NAS 1638 or SAE AS4059 to meet your needs. We also use our analysis to determine the type of contamination in your oil and to identify dirt ingress, verify filter performance but most importantly it can be used to indicate the onset of active machine/ analysing equipment wear.


Should you have a component failure. Bowen Fluid Engineering have highly trained, experienced field service engineers who will carry out a full diagnostic and provide you with recommendations to re-commission your system to maximum efficiency.

We will also be able to provide you with a quote to either have the failed component overhauled or replaced.